Only hours after news surfacing of Kiran Bedi’s apparent admission as Governor of Andhra Pradesh, Bedi commented, declining all the reports of her appointment. She clearly stated her status of continuance of her post as the Union Territory’s Governor.

She stated that she isn’t interested in switching over from the administrative side of the government and will not be contesting in the upcoming Lok Sabha Polls. This statement came after false news claiming she was to compete against ELS Narasimhan as a recommendation of the BJP.

Is this sudden immergence of false news threatening Narasimhans position due to TDP’s alleged accusation against him regarding his relationship with the Bharatiya Janata Party and his biased opinion towards Telangana? These claims from the TDP rise from the fact that Narasimhan is the sole minister who hasn’t been charged by the NDA considering his loyalty to the BJP regime.