The talk of appointing new Governors for Telangana and Andhra Pradesh ahead of the ensuing general elections have been all over the news for a while. The unconfirmed appointment of Kiran Bedi as the Governor of Andhra Pradesh has sparked a lot of discussion.

Until now,  E L S Narasimhan has been governing Andhra Pradesh and Telegana but the Center now wants to appoint separate governors for each state. The reports also stated that the present Lieutenant Governor of Pondicherry Kiran Bedi is being considered to fulfil the role of Governor of Andhra Pradesh.

This might be a cause of worry for the Telugu Desam Party chief Mr. Chandrababu Naidu as his defiance towards the Modi government may cause Bedi to create difficulties in the crucial pre-election period ass well as the upcoming bills in the next budget season.

The question now is, will the Center continue with Narasimhan as the Telangana governor or elect someone else. There were faint talks of consideration of CVSK Sarma, who like Bedi, is a retired IPS officer.