The meeting addressed by TRS chief K. Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) was a moderate gathering comprising 25 thousand people. The intelligence people say in private that the attendance was less than 30 thousand people, but they have given the figure as 35,000 to the CM. The speech was not cheered by the people as is usual with KCR’s speeches. Many ministers were seen on the dais. Kesava Rao,  Rajya Sabha MP, was prominently seen. He and KTR had spoken before KCR.  But Harish Rao, finance minister, was not seen on the dais. He was made in charge of three rural areas in Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. He actively campaigned in those areas. It is not known if the chief minister has entrusted any particular duty to Harish Rao. But his absence at the meeting was conspicuous.


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