Jairam Ramesh, Congress leader and the master brain behind AP reorg act, predicted two Telugu states AP and Telangana will unite in future. His statement created ripples in political circles and some also doubted whether he is speaking in a personal capacity or does his statement has approval from the party. Details as below. Jairam Ramesh is the former minister in UPA and he was the one who drafted the bill for bifurcating Andhra Pradesh into two states. Despite huge protests from Seemandhra region and despite the political pundits predicting this decision will completely destroy the prospects of the party in both Telugu states, he was one among those who supported the bifurcation of the state. The AP reorganization act, that has been criticized as unilateral and unjust towards AP, has been drafted by him. He recently he made a statement that both the Telugu states would unite in future. He added that this may not be realized when KCR is in the ruling but later, this will happen and Congress party itself will unite these two states. Jairam Ramesh opined that the solution to the problems faced by both the states is the reunification of the state. He reminded that two Germanys which reunited after 50 years of separation and predicted Koreas also will unite. However, his statement looks very silly and seems to be Congress now realized that it didn't reap any political benefit by bifurcating the state. If Congress really plans to reunite for the sake of political benefits, it will a big blunder as both the states will oppose such a decision.