BJP leader Smriti Irani, who defeated Rahul Gandhi in his stronghold of Amethi alleged on Friday that the Congress chief had failed to solve problems of the people during his tenure as MP.

“The representative of the people did not solve the people's problems, he rather became the problem of the people,” she said. Gandhi lost to Irani by a margin of more than 55,000 votes. The Congress chief had been the MP from Amethi since 2004.

Back in the 2014 elections, Irani has given a tough competition to Gandhi after getting three lakh votes in the parliamentary constituency. She managed to overcome the resistance this time. “I never thought I would lose twice,” she said.

Irani credited her success to the development schemes started by PM Narendra Modi. “Modi hai to mumkin hai (it is possible if Modi exists),” she said. “Modi came to Amethi five years ago. The people themselves saw the work done for development, thus the trends were so positive.”

Without taking any names, Irani claimed that a particular group of people tried to propagate an assumption regarding her but that will not leave Amethi and not betray the trust of the people.

While speaking to the News Channel,  News18 after her victory, Irani on Thursday night said that her poll campaign had focused on highlighting the unfulfilled promises of the Congress in Amethi. 

The Bharatiya Janta Party had fielded Irani again with hopes that she will improve her performance from five years ago, and she capitalized on Gandhi's absence accusing him of running away from a fight