PM Narendra Modi on Friday recommended dissolving the 16th Lok Sabha in association with the President. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing the PMO officials and staff, today felicitously praised him before taking the oath. PM Modi said that no work is possible without the team.

PM Modi told the PMO staff that your whole team is eligible for congratulations because you gave me more than expected results. Modi said, 'I want PMO's to work efficiently.'

The Prime Minister said, 'People's expectations were higher than ours, so the pressure to work has increased. The expectations of our expectations in the country did not create the burden, but they changed into new energy. That energy which gave strength to the public and faith has taken a new form, it was possible. '

 Modi further said, "It is very important to have leadership, Leadership is very important in our success. We want PMO to be effective in such a large government system, we want PMOs to be efficient.