This Lok Sabha election, not only the people of our nation but our neighbouring country, Nepal is also keeping a close watch on the result of elections this time. The reason being, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power in 2014.relations with Kathmandu were not smooth. But by the end of the Modi's five-year term, relations between the two countries have come to an amicable and satisfactory position.

When Narendra Modi's first visited Nepal after becoming PM, the people of Nepal were in large numbers to get a glimpse of him on the streets. At the same time, Modi's speech was appreciated in Nepal's Parliament and Prime Minister Narendra Modi maintained a very good relationship with Nepal. But sometime later, in Nepal, protests began to appear against Modi.

Due to the economic blockade on the border, a crisis of supply of the daily needs of the Nepalese had created a crisis. In response to the economic blockade on the Indo-Nepal border in 2015-16, Nepal went close to China.