In the view of the Lok Sabha elections, the Election Commission has instructed BJP not to run any political advertisement or content from Namo TV on Friday evening.

The EC gave written notice to BJP's National Election Committee member Neeraj. In the letter, the EC has issued instructions to prohibit the airing of political advertisements and content, citing Section 126 of the Representation of People Act, 1951. On 12th May in Delhi, the sixth phase is going to be voted, given which the Election Commission banned the broadcast from 10 May 6 pm to 12 May at 6 pm.

BJP has made its stand before the Election Commission and said that political advertisements and content will not be run but live programs will be shown. According to reports, even after 6 pm on Friday, political content was broadcasted on Namo TV, on which the Commission sent a notice to the BJP. Notice has also been asked to stop the live broadcast of PM Modi's speech.

 It is worth noting that 48 hours before voting there is a provision to ban any political advertisement or political-based content through electronic media. At the same time, according to the constitutional powers of the Election Commission, the parties and its candidates are prohibited from issuing political advertisements in the print media on the day of polling and before that day.

 Before this, the EC has taken strict action on the release of PM Modi's biopic. The Election Commission says that any content that does not match the principle of providing equal opportunities to all claimants in the election should not be broadcasted. Several political parties including Congress, Aam Aadmi Party have already complained to the Election Commission about the ban on TV.