Congress President Rahul Gandhi criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said that defeating Modi is our prime goal. He expressed his confidence saying that he is going to defeat Narendra Modi today and also went onto say that Modi and BJP are unable to face the opposition.

Talking to reporters today in New Delhi, Rahul Gandhi said that I have apologized to the Supreme Court on my slogan'Chowkidar Chor Hai'. He said that PM Modi is scared. There is an economic crisis in the country, but he is not ready to accept and believe.

Rahul Gandhi once again challenged PM Modi to debate. He challenged Modi to debate with him for 10 minutes on fundamental issues like employment and corruption.

Rahul said that in our government the army had made a surgical strike, but we do not politicize the army. He also said that Masood Azhar is a terrorist and he must be punished, but he wants to ask who had sent him to Pakistan, which government was in front of terrorism, the BJP compromised with terrorism. Recently, Jaish-e-Mohammad's gangster Masood Azhar has been declared a global terrorist by the United Nations.