BJP MP Udit Raj joined the Congress on Wednesday and claimed that the ruling party at the Center is 'anti-Dalit'. Udit Raj met Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday morning and has joined in the Congress party in the presence of Rahul Gandhi.

After joining the party, Udit Raj said, 'I am very happy to join the Congress.' He said, 'In the internal survey of the party, my victory was confirmed. I am also winning in the survey of the other channels. Despite this, I was not granted the ticket. "

Udit Raj said that he always has raised voice for Dalit issues. He also supported the Supreme Court's decision on Sabarimala temple and had asked why women can not go to the temple? He  even said, 'BJP is an anti-Dalit party, I will divulge all the details about it.'

In the last Lok Sabha elections, the BJP MP from the North-West Delhi constituency, Udit Raj did not get a ticket this time. Instead of Udit Raj, the BJP has made Punjabi singer Hansraj Hans a candidate from North West Delhi seat.