Jammu and Kashmir: Promises made by Congress manifesto for Lok Sabha Elections 2019

In its manifesto, Congress has made clear that if Congress party forms the government, no changes will be made in the constitutional position on Kashmir. However, it will review and make necessary changes in AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Powers Act) in order to maintain a balance between fighting terrorism and maintaining rights of the habitats of Jammu and Kashmir.

The Congress party released its manifesto titled ‘Hum Nibhayenge’ i.e. We (Congress) will deliver. The manifesto had separate specialized sections for Jammu and Kashmir and North East states.

The manifesto reads that “Nothing will be done or allowed to change the constitutional position”. This comes as a response to continuous statements and efforts made by BJP to repeal Article 370. Article 370 grants special status to Jammu and Kashmir and limits Parliament's power to make laws concerning the state.

The party said that in Jammu and Kashmir the party will deal with both issues in a balancing way. On one hand, it will be uncompromising firmness on the border and ending infiltration and terror attacks, and on the other hand, it will be "absolute fairness" in dealing with the demands and rights of the people.

Congress also promised to review and minimise the deployment of armed forces.  It will increase forces on the border while reducing forces in the mainland Kashmir. It will entrust more responsibility to the J&K police for maintaining day to day law and order.

"Building a Union of states that is India is a project of inclusiveness. Jammu & Kashmir and its problems deserve a large-hearted approach that will eschew muscular militarism and legalistic formulations and look for an innovative federal solution," the party said.

The party is also ready for amicable talks with the stakeholders of the state to resolve grievances and address issues.