Telangana Congress Party President Uttam Kumar Reddy said that law, justice and constitution are not working in Telangana state. Only autocratic rule is going on in Telangana. Uttam Kumar Reddy on Sunday paid homage to the Constitution Maker Dr BR Ambedkar on the occasion of Dr BR Ambedkar's Jayanti.

On this occasion, he said that if the intellectuals remain silent then society will suffer. The statue of Ambedkar was demolished and put in the dumping yard. But there is no response in the society. It is a matter of great regret. If society remains like this then how will it grow? He reminded that KCR had said that on the occasion of Ambedkar's 125th birth anniversary, a statue of 125 feet Ambedkar will be installed. But it was not done.

Three years have passed. But till now the statue of Ambedkar has not been established. TRS leaders do not have the right to touch Ambedkar's statue.