KTR criticized Chandrababu that he had lost the confidence of the public and is today staging these street protests in Delhi while questioning the inevitable EVM. Rather than accepting the public decision, they are crying foul.

KTR ridiculed that if the Chandrababu wins the elections, the EVM would be technically correct, but if he lost, the reason for this is EVM's technicality. It is not fair to give such a ridiculous statement by a big leader like him.  

Talking to the media on Sunday, KT Rama Rao expressed confidence that TRS would win 16 parliamentary seats in the Lok Sabha elections. He also talked about a friendly challenge with his cousin and Siddipet MLA T. Harish Rao. KTR clarified that this was a favourable challenge to excite the people and Medak was  KCR's stronghold and the TRS would win the seat with a heavy majority.

KTR said that he failed to understand the nature of such a person who claims 40 years of political experience that he can give such stupid statements about Election Commission. People are convinced that Chandrababu's defeat is fixed because the way he looks bent in front of the leaders is clear that his post is in crisis.