The election campaign comes to a halt for the Lok Sabha and Assembly elections which are to be held on April 11. After today, no candidate will be campaigning anymore and at the same time, 'Nukkads' and 'roadshows' will also be completely stopped.

The EC has strongly instructed that if any candidate is found to be campaigning among the voters after the instructed timings, then strong action will be taken against him for violation of Election Code of Conduct.

 According to the directive of the Election Commission, whatever political party leader or minister is not a resident of a parliamentary constituency. He will have to go out of the election area as well as withholding the election campaign. If they do not do so, there is a provision of punitive action against them. Candidates can only personally ask their supporters of the voters.

At the same time, the main political party workers are busy in booth management. Election Commission officials and employees are committed to conducting fair and free elections.