It isn’t an uncommon thing that criminals run for the elections or also, that they win and get high posts in the political spectrum. Recently, according to the report by an election watchdog revealed that 29 of the 184 candidates contesting in the Assembly elections from 11th April in Arunachal Pradesh have criminal antecedents.

The report by Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) said that nine of the 29 candidates belong to the Congress while BJP own seven of those candidates

The report further stated that the candidates with criminal cases account for 16 percent of the total candidates who filed their nominations this time as compared to six percent during the 2014 elections.

The National People's Party will be running for the Elections for the first time and already has two candidates with criminal records.

The JD(S) party to is making a maiden entry in the state polls with one of its candidates with a criminal charge against him.

One independent candidate out of the total 11 in the fray has also declared a criminal case against him.