TRS Executive Chairman KTR has strongly condemned the PM Modi by calling him an incompetent leader. He recalled that when Modi was on a tour of Telangana recently under the Lok Sabha Election Campaign. During this time, he had to face financial crises all the people of the TRS government and CM KCR 's ruling.  

KTR accused the BJP of not helping the development work in the state but Mr. Modi made hollow promises. While Telangana is helping the Center with an income of Rs 50,000 crore every year as income tax and other central taxes by the government. The Center is giving only 25 thousand crore rupees to the state instead. He also accused the Center that the Commission had recommended a grant of Rs 24,000 crore for the development of Telangana, but the PM did not give any money to Telangana.

In response to the question regarding the Modi wave, he said that there is no wave in the country. People have been disappointed with Modi's hollow promises. He has decided that now the Center's command should be handed over to the regional parties.

KTR also targeted the CM Chandrababu of Andhra Pradesh. He criticized Naidu saying that Babu is calling the KCR as an incompetent leader to woo the Voters.