PM Modi attacked the opposition saying that some people lose their sleep when India hits back at terrorists on Friday while addressing a rally in Uttar Pradesh.

He claimed that some people do not favour the fact that terrorists were being given a reply in their own language.

"After the terrorist attack, should I have remained silent or attacked? Terrorists are being given a reply in their own language... this is not liked by some people who lose their sleep when India hits back," he said while evidently referring to the Pulwama attack and the Air Strike attack in response.

Modi complained that when Pakistan is “exposed”, the opposition starts speaking in its favour and that the Congress, the SP and BSP have put the life and future of the people in danger.

Modi then claimed that he didn’t let the country hang its head in shame in the five years that he held power, trying to imply that the nation’s reputation and image were higher than it had been ever been.

The issue of Pulwama attacks and the responsive Balkot Air strikes have been a hugely controversial issue since it happened in February. Many leaders have blamed the BJP for politicising the situation in its favour while some even asked the proof for the event as many international media houses claimed that the air strikes didn’t take place.

Lastly, he thanked the government of UAE and people of UAE for honouring him with the Zayed medal while saying that it is not an award given to Modi but to the Indian people. He said on Thursday that he accepts the prestigious 'Order of Zayed' conferred on him by the United Arab Emirates with utmost humility.