Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Friday called out at the 'mahagathbandhan'' (Grand-alliance) by terming it as a 'Non-Bandhan', political circus and a recipe for chaos.

The Grand Alliance includes several political parties, mostly the traditional BJP opponents who have united to take on the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) in the upcoming general elections beginning April 11.

In his blog post titled ''A Political Circus Called ''Mahagathbandhan'', Jaitley claimed that since the last several months, the nation was "exhausted" with the issue of 'Mahagathbandhan'. He further added that PM Modi and BJP were very strong and cannot be challenged by an individual party.

Talking about the opposition camp, Jaitley claimed that there is a fight for leadership as multiple candidates have made their desire clear to take over the mantle of the leadership.

In his perspective, each one of them is interested to see the strength of the other party's contender depleting and also have high hopes in a chaotic and highly hung Parliament.

He also turned to the historical records where coalition governments in terms of policy, longevity, and growth have not achieved much thus urging people to not forget that.

He also said that only because of the size of BJP and clarity on leadership in the last coalition that a successful government was run under PM Modi.

"Today you have no 'gathbandhan' (coalition) let alone 'mahagathbandhan'. It is a 'Non-Bandhan'. You have no leader, no programme, no meeting of minds.

"Stability, which is paramount, is a major casualty. The only thing in common is negative agenda ''remove one man''. It is a recipe for chaos", he wrote.