Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) is contesting on 22 Lok Sabha seats in Maharashtra out of 48. It released its manifesto on Monday.

The focus of the manifesto was the relationship with Pakistan, promising it would open talks with Pakistan in which discussions will be held on Terrorism.

While releasing the manifesto, NCP general secretary DP Tripathi said spoke about the importance to strengthen India’s stand-in global circumstances. He also added that it isn’t necessary that dialogues will immediately resolve the situation, but it'll lessen the problems.

Throwing shade at BJP on its foreign policy, the manifesto stated:

"It is important to at least continue working relations with Pakistan as we have with Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and the Maldives. The reason for the crisis in foreign policy is due to the current government moving away from the principles set up by our founder Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. We will follow the Panchsheel philosophy which has worked for us well".

Regarding the issue of national security, the manifesto stated:

"Our endeavour will be to bring the youth into the mainstream and thereby prevent them from falling prey to radicalisation. Stern action will be taken against those engaged in radicalising youth. This declaration has been made in the view of Jammu and Kashmir and a prolonged turmoil there."


"The NDA Government, in five years, has failed miserably to contain terrorism. In these five years of NDA rule, there have been three terror attacks on military and paramilitary forces and no one is held accountable,"

The manifesto gave decent importance to core traditional issues like farmers' distress, unemployment, and job losses. It also focused on issues like foreign policy, national security and defence.