Congress Member and Thiruvananthapuram MP, Shashi Tharoor is under attacks for allegedly putting up a poster which has the cover picture of his books including ‘Why I am a Hindu’. 

The complainant, BJP claimed the very title of the book and its display on the election poster is an open declaration by the candidate that he is a Hindu. They believed that it is a subtle attempt is to exploit Hindu religious sentiments and thus, a violation of the model code of conduct.

Meanwhile, Tharoor termed the allegation as hilarious saying that the posters put up by supporters in the district Congress committee in order to get some space for graffiti before it is occupied by others. He said that they had put out a poster hailing a writer, not just one book, there were a lot of books mentioned in the poster out of which, one was written a year and a half back. He called the connection between that and the complaint hilarious.” 

He further alleged that the specific poster doesn’t seek votes and now since he is a candidate now, his official posters will come over them and the earlier posters will be deleted.

He downplayed the issue by saying that no one should be wasting their time on them. 

“Everyone knows which party appeals to voters on communal lines and I am not from that party. It is like a pot calling a kettle black," said Tharoor while hitting out at BJP.

However, District President of BJP, S Suresh claimed that the posters were put up after the elections were declared and thus are a clear violation of the model code of conduct.

Two days ago, Tharoor took to Twitter addressing BJP’s former governor Kummanam Rajashekaran and likely candidate from Thiruvananthapuram with a picture of Padmanabhaswamy temple in the background.

“The BJP campaign has begun in Thiruvananthapuram by blithely ignoring Election Commission rules not to use places of worship in posters! This is 150 metres away from Padmanabhaswamy temple, which is shown behind their candidate. But without religious appeals what can BJP offer?”
Reacting to Tharoor’s charge, Suresh claimed that the posters were put up before the model code of conduct had been officialised