President Rahul Gandhi, who was addressing the students at Stella Maris College in Chennai on Wednesday. Adorned in jeans and a t-shirt, Rahul Gandhi looked in a slightly different style.

For a question asked by one of the students 'What do you think about the research and education in the country? Rahul Gandhi said,'We are well aware of the fact that India spends less on education. Expenditure on education should be increased. Not just spending money but the autonomy of educational institutions is also very important.'

He also said that if Congress comes to power, we will pass the Women's, Reservation Bill. To an enthusiastic crowd, he said, "There are not enough women in leadership positions. You can not see women in power unless there is a change in their attitude towards them. '

In response to one of the questions regarding with Ms Sonia Gandhi, he answered that he has learned love and humility from his mother Sonia Gandhi.